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Praise for Becoming the Narcissist's Nightmare - Customer Reviews

"Becoming the Narcissist's Nightmare is one of the most comprehensive books I have ever come across that explores not only the toxic traits and habits of narcissists to look out for, but also the effects experienced by those who are on the receiving end of the narcissist's ploys. Most important of all, this book emphasizes how those on the receiving end can victoriously overcome narcissistic attacks by "fighting fire with fire", but in positive, self-empowering ways. Readers will learn the red flags of narcissistic behavior and how to avoid becoming a victim of those tactics. Those who are already in relationships with such toxic people will learn strategies to free themselves and become stronger mentally and emotionally. And, just in case the narcissist attempts to regain control by hoovering and attempting to restart a relationship, individual will learn how to block these attempts and continue to make positive strides toward recovery and a better life. I highly recommend this book." - P.J. Edwards

"Amazing and life-changing!"

"Amazing and life-changing!"

"I was in the middle of divorcing my now-ex-husband when I went looking for something (anything) to help me deal with him. This book helped me deal with his controlling and manipulative ways. It was incredibly easy to follow along and covered EVERYTHING that I could possibly ask about dealing with a narc that you can't go no-contact with. (We have two children.) I have no idea (don't want to imagine it) where I would be mentally and emotionally without the incredibly insightful and truly accurate information in this book. Buy it, buy it NOW if you've dealt with a narc in the past or present. You'll be so thankful that you did! I wish I could give it 10 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️." - Anastasia Beaverhausen

"Extraordinary Resource!"

"Extraordinary Resource!"

"I wish I had this resource when I first discovered what/who I was involved with. I may have saved money(and time!) on some of the others I read that were not as helpful! The way this is written and the information provided coupled with citations really brought clarity for me. I took my time reading it and am certain I will refer to it again as I heal from this horrendous experience." - Kathi Repka

"Shahida Arabi, I am so grateful for your work."

"This book is helping me tremendously to put into words my experience, how to name the abuse, how to put into words what happened and why, what type of abuse I have endured, the type of abuser I'm dealing with and how to move out of the relationship and start to really heal myself.

I also do not feel so alienated knowing there is a community of people who have experienced the same mistreatment as me and have been able to remove themselves from the abusers grasp and move on in healthy ways. I'm still on that journey, just started low to no contact and I feel I'm on the right path.

The abuse in my relationship started in May 2015, without me being aware of it. I became knowledgable of the abuse around August/September 2015. It's been a roller coaster ride since and I'm so grateful for my higher power guiding me to Shahida Arabi's book. I'm so grateful I'm able to detach and help myself early on in the abuse because of the help and insight offered.

I'm still on that journey. I'm still trying to put together the puzzle pieces. I just wanted to say thank you, Shahida!" - lamama

"Love this book, so packed full of knowledge."

"I have been doing a 4 yr study on psychopathy and narcissism because of a family member. I have read college texts, many, many of them and texts that the Doctors have written and all kinds of books that people have written who know about this subject. I believe I have to say that this little book is one of the very best resources I have found. So very complete in it's descriptions and accounts, and then adding ways that can help us to know how to interact with a narcissistic person if we have come into contact or if we have one in the family. You can tell that years of work went into this text and that it was very well thought out, and laid out for perfection of details and easy to read. I learned things in this book that I had not known for the 4 yrs that I have studied for about 6 to 8 hrs a day. I just happened to be on Face Book and run into this title and come here to check it out, and it was much more than I expected. I therefore would recommend this to many Psychologists who do not know a lot about narcissism, my own Dr. said he knew basically nothing about psychopathy or narcissism, so I know you are out there, and also, police depts. and others who deal with people in the public day in and day out. There is much knowledge here and I can truly say, you will not be sorry if you pick it up and read it. The author said this morning after me being on a site where she was, that the actual book will be out in July, so take your pick, you can get cloud reader for free at Amazon, or wait till next mo. and get the book, which I would have preferred, but I will take anything just to read something that is done this well with so much knowledge packed into it." - littlegirlietaylor

"Extremely helpful."

"While I was already 2 months no contact with my abuser and had read every book on NPD I could get my hands on while I was actually still in the relationship, I somehow felt stuck in terms of my moving on and reclaiming my life. This book was instrumental in giving me the tools I needed to progress in my recovery. I think this is a must read for anybody who wants to break free from the shackles of narcissistic abuse as it is extremely comprehensive in the topics that are covered and offers a tremendous amount of resources, tips and techniques for healing. Also the stories from other victims are very inspiring and made me realize that this kind of abuse can happen to anybody and IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT. I cannot thank Shahida Arabi enough for writing this book." - Moira Gillgannon

"I desperately needed to know how to stop the crazy love roller-coaster."

"THANK YOU for writing this book....I desperately needed to know how to stop the crazy love roller-coaster, and to understand why I still love the narcissist who was destroying my life. I devoured this book... twice in the couple of days that I've had it. I don't want to think of myself as a victim or my spouse as an abusive person, but the author very clearly explains the cycles and patterns and how to end the insanity. By going full no contact in just a couple of days I feel so much more in control of my life, hopeful and maybe even a little powerful. There is hope and you're not crazy.... I highly recommend this book!" - H.B.

"Excellent, well-researched, and very helpful book!"

"I have read 50+ books on narcissistic personality disorder, narcissistic abuse, domestic abuse, trauma, PTSD, etc. This book is one of the best. Ms. Arabi is an excellent, thorough and insightful researcher and journalist. She lays the groundwork for recovery by explaining the impact of narcissistic abuse, synthesizing those truths with provocative insights from leading scholars and then offering practical suggestions and methods of recovery.

This book is extremely well-documented and well-researched. Arabi not only addresses NPD and narcissistic abuse but delves into PTSD/CPTSD, citing the works of renowned experts such as Judith Herman, M.D., author of the foundational book “Trauma and Recovery,” and Patrick Carnes, Ph.D. (“The Betrayal Bond”). She also ties in the work of Bessel van der Kolk M.D., who in his book “The Body Keeps the Score” reveals how trauma rewires the the brain, along with dozens of other sources, both classic and contemporary.

Each chapter of Arabi’s book features an impressive endnotes section as well as links to articles, podcasts and social media resources. She manages to combine all these sources into a comprehensive and revealing look at narcissistic abuse and its effects on the survivor. She then offers practical tips and alternatives for recovering from the trauma of narcissistic abuse. I was personally inspired and motivated by her creative recommendations for recovery – I even surprised myself by experimenting with the guided meditation links and redoubling my commitment to doing Zumba four times a week. And I haven’t even finished reading the book!

Bravo, Ms. Arabi, and thank you! I very much recommend this book." - BG

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