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"Excellent! If there is one person on our side, it's Shahida. Ms. Arabi is our life-saver, cheerleader, saint, healer, best friend, advocate, and go-to expert for victims...when no one else is in your corner; she is there for you in mind and soul to share the truth about this hidden - and for many, life-threatening, devastating experience. This book covers the complete experience of:encountering, surviving, and healing from an emotional terrorist. Ahead of her time, she has forged the way for us - victims and mental health professionals -to start acknowledging this hidden epidemic; and to begin the lonely, painful process of helping ourselves and others survive the reality of personality-disordered relationship trauma." - Monica M. White, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor
"Shahida Arabi has accomplished something that few authors are able to do. She has written a book that is packed with so much wisdom and therapeutically proven tools for daily application, that it leaves the reader healthier than when they started reading. That is an incredible accomplishment for any writer. As a licensed therapist, I am thrilled to see Ms. Arabi's ability to give not only real life practical suggestions of how to find recovery and live it out, but also concrete, go-out-and-implement-them-today ideas. Ms. Arabi provides the reader with the exact tools needed to change their thoughts, which will change their actions and then lead to changed lives." - Shannon Thomas, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Lead Therapist at Southlake Christian Counseling
"Outstanding, comprehensive, thoughtful book for survivors! I will be sending my clients to read this book to help them have a fantastic, thorough understanding of narcissistic abuse recovery. Shahida Arabi skillfully writes from the standpoint of a survivor to a place of thriving...she blends evidence-based research, with survivor stories and integrative healing concepts that are paramount for trauma recovery from the unique aftermath of narcissistic abuse. This book will be a compass and roadmap for many as they reassemble after the rubble and construct anew a life of meaning, purpose, healing and transformation. Shahida Arabi speaks from the heart, from science,and from spirit...she knows how to translate for survivors the path of healing, triumph, and freedom." - Andrea Schneider, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Author of Soul Vampires: Reclaiming Your Lifeblood After Narcissistic Abuse
"I would like to give kudos to Shahida Arabi and her efforts in writing a well-researched book filled with current, accurate and practical information that focuses on the abuse survivors and not the abusers like most books on narcissistic abuse do. Well-written...filled with accurate truth, tons of current information, contributions from legitimate narcissistic abuse recovery experts, hope and inspiration that will facilitate healing and point the readers to effective healers and professionaland self-help strategies they can tailor to their specific needs." - Evelyn M. Ryan, Certified Licensed Life Coach and Author of Take Your Power Back: Healing Lessons, Tips and Tools for Abuse Survivors

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SHE WHO DESTROYS THE LIGHT: Fairy Tales Gone Wrong, a poetry collection for survivors

Poetry that speaks to the broken places in shattered hearts: A Review


"Good poetry can bypass the mind and go straight to the heart. That's what you'll find in this brilliant collection of poetry by Shahida Arabi.

I have read some of Shahida Arabi's books about narcissistic abuse, including her Amazon Best Seller, "Becoming the Narcissist's Nightmare", and I often view her YouTube videos on that subject as well. She is well-respected in the community of people dealing with issues related to narcissistic abuse. So, when I saw her poetry debut collection on Amazon, I did not hesitate to purchase the Kindle version.

Ms. Arabi's poetry resonates with the haunting beauty of a soul who has touched life's darkest places and come back to tell her story to those who are awaiting its message. The moment I started reading the poetry in this collection, I experienced a profound emotional connection.

Few have traveled so deep and possess the artistry to tell the tale. She tells her story with the strength of a warrior and the compassion of a gentle healer. Through her willingness to bare her soul, she reached into my survivor's heart and shared my pain.

The depth of Ms. Arabi's poetry has left me with validation of my own trauma, and support that only another survivor can offer. I highly recommend this poetry collection to anyone who has experienced abuse -- particularly narcissistic abuse." - Millie Kay

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